• WE type certificate no: FTZU 04 ATEX x 0299
  • Explosion-proof mark: Ex I M1 Ma Ex ia I


Mining cap lamp SMARTLIGHT-05/M1/GF is designed for individual illumination of work place, measuring the methane concentration in the air and storing results.

As it is intrinsically safe of category ia and protection level of housing is IP65, it can be used in mining plants, in rooms of any methane concentration.


The lamp is equipped with OLED display, where is indicated the value of measured methane concentration or an information about a lamp work state. The display presents battery loading level, present time and date, serial number and battery temperature. Switching-on of diodes (main and auxiliary) is by a infrared switch on lamp head. The measurements of methane concentration are performed when the main diode is switched-on. The lamp is equipped also in RGB diode, which by flashing informs a user about battery loading level and by colour about actual work state and possible hazards. Stored data are sent to computer via serial line 1WIRE, when lamp is on loader. It is electric device designed for mining with methane explosion hazard (group I). Intrinsically safe construction enables its usage in mine excavation with methane concentration allowed by law.Mining cap lamp is equipped with personal mining localization transmitter and a system, which guarantees a source of light self-switch off in the case of supply voltage drop, what assures long time work of localization transmitter.

The head of lamp is moveable, what enables personal setting of luminous flux according to type of helmet and kind of work (personal user preferences).

 The housing of a localization transmitter is equipped in third LED, which in normal working mode informs about correctness of transmitter operation, but in the case of failure (breakage of head, cable) starts to shine continuously assuring user return way.




Feeder rated voltage

3,6 V


Battery  NiMH SAFT VH D 9,5Ah

No of battery work cycles

800 cycles

Light source:

main GLED             -  dioda LED nom. 70mW

auxiliary DLED       -  dioda LED nom. 0,2W

emergency ALED   -  dioda LED nom. 70mW

Light source life

100 000 h

Minimal time of illumination:

(for loaded battery)

GLED                                        10h 

ALED                                         70h 

Minimal work time of GLON transmitter

170 h

Maximal loading time

 Maks. 16 h

Maximal illumination intensity at distance 1m

Approx. 1800 lux, (min. 1500 lux)

Angle limit of light distribution


Class of device which emits optical radiation


Protection level

 IP 65

Relative humidity at temperature 40°C

Up to 95%

Working temperature

  0°...+ 40° C

Explosion-proof mark

      I M1 Ex ia I Ma

Certificate no

FTZU 04 ATEX 0299

Battery dimensions

140 x 130 x 48 mm

Head diameter

72 mm

Cable length

1500 mm


1,3 kg

Supply voltage (cramps 1,2 – CN5)


Maximal current consumption (cramps 1,2 – CN5)


Time of possible storage (storing every 1min.)

120 hours

Input circuit parameters of the board PP-KOMORAv2 (battery chamber):

cramps 1,3 (-,+) terminal CN1 of loader

Ui = 6,5V

Ii = 1.5A

Li = 0

Ci = 0

cramps 2,3 (1WIRE) terminal CN1 interface 1WIRE

Ui = 3,7V

Li = 0, Ci = 0

Uo = 3,7V

Io = 42 mA

Lo = 1 mH, Co = 10μF  



-  durability of a light source is 100 000 hours,


-  automatic methane concentration measuring and results storing,


-  clear information about level of battery loading,


-  possibility of data transmission from lamp to visualization system and lamp room supervision,


-  white colour of light and it does not change during discharging of battery,


-  low current consumption,


-  dry, nonattendance battery,


-  small lamp mass – 1,3kg,


-  loading by individual or multi-stages loader.